10 Online Resources for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

There is an urgent need for women to gain knowledge about narcissistic abuse and intimate partner violence. Education is essential for:

  • Learning ways to avoid a harmful relationship
  • Protecting yourself (and your children) if you are already in an abusive relationship
  • Finding out ways to safely leave an abuser
  • Working on healing and recovery after abuse

It is equally important for the public to know the signs and symptoms of women abuse as well. It could be your friend, colleague, sister or daughter that needs your assistance and support to avoid, escape or recover from a toxic relationship.

Following on from my article 8 Book Suggestions for Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse, I would like to recommend these helpful online resources. I understand that reading books can be time consuming. These websites, Facebook pages and YouTube channels provide quick and easy to access information.

There are many invaluable online resources available, which made it difficult to choose only a few. I have chosen the ones that have personally helped me the most along my healing and recovery journey.

  1. Shahida Arabi

Website: Self-Care Haven

Facebook: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self-Care

YouTube: Self-Care Haven

  1. Meredith Miller

Website: Inner Integration

Facebook: Inner Integration

YouTube: Inner Integration

  1. Stephanie Lyn

Website: Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching

Facebook: Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching

YouTube: Stephanie Lyn Life Coaching

  1. Soul GPS

Website: Soul GPS

Facebook: Soul GPS

YouTube: Soul GPS

  1. Melanie Tonia Evans

Website: Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Facebook: Melanie Tonia Evans

YouTube: Melanie Tonia Evans

  1. Kim Saeed

Website: Let Me Reach

Facebook: Kim Saeed

YouTube: Kim Saeed

  1. Sandra L Brown

Website: The Institute for Relational Harm Reduction

Facebook: The Institute For Relational Harm Reduction

  1. Shannon Thomas

Website: Southlake Christian Counselling

Facebook: Southlake Christian Counselling

  1. Elisabeth Corey

Website: Beating Trauma

Facebook: Beating Trauma

10. Dr. Les Carter

Website: Surviving Narcissism

Facebook: Surviving Narcissism

YouTube: Surviving Narcissism

I humbly ask that you circulate this list as far and wide as possible. You could save someone’s life by sharing this information.

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