Following Your Calling or Life’s Path

Leaving South Africa, I was worried I would not have time for my writing. I thought teaching would be too time-consuming to allow me any free time to write. I decided to take the risk anyway, because I longed to change careers. Little did I know that I would end up starting my own blog, which is impacting people all around the world, while I also teach.

Leaving Taiwan, I was worried that I would miss the hugs and kisses from the little kids. Their love played a huge role in my healing process from narcissistic abuse. They made me feel special. I decided to take the risk and come to Cambodia anyway, because I wanted to teach older kids.

I expected the older kids to be cheeky, and I did not expect them to respect or appreciate me. Now I am discovering that older kids can also be loving in their own way. I now find myself hiding from them during breaks because they come looking for me 😊.

On the 4th of October we celebrated Teacher’s Day, and I received such special respect and appreciation from the students. I did not get a hug or a kiss, but I received the love all the same. Some of them went as far as putting in the effort to give me sweet gifts.

Now I get to teach the age group I want, and I get to have meaningful teacher-student relationships too.

Moral of my story: Do not fear letting go of something or losing it. Whether it is God’s provision, good luck, karma or simply smart instinctual decisions, you will be rewarded with your desires as you move forward, following your calling/life’s path.

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