A New Year Message: Duality in Life

A quick New Year message from me:

The other day, my new colleague asked me how he could be less intense on social media, because he was pushing people away. He said he cannot help it, he is just being himself.

He did not know he was asking the wrong person. My Facebook is the epitome of intense. People hate me! I say…

The only people who do not like truth and reality, are the ones with the worst problems. They create a make-believe world where everything is rainbows and butterflies. Cyberspace is the easiest place to create this fictional life. It is their coping mechanism because they cannot handle anything that threatens to upset their perfectly manicured fantasy world.

They think they are fooling everyone with their perfect lives, and positive vibes, when really, all they are doing is showing us how one-dimensional they are, and how afraid they are to face reality (duality, good and bad, yin yang, dark and light, or whatever you want to call it). It is escapism and denial at its best.

Life is bumpy, life is beautiful, life is fun, life is painful, life is unfair, life is rewarding. Life has mistakes, life has achievements, life has failures, life has successes, life has regrets, life has accomplishments. Life is full of things we can control and change, life is full of things we cannot control and change. Accept and admit the ups and down.

And most importantly: BE REAL, BE YOU!

Happy 2020 readers! 🎉

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