Men Who Support Women

This has been on my mind lately:

I want to say thank you to every man who heard me, stood by me, encouraged me, respected me and loved me over the past two years.

Along my journey of recovery from gender-based violence, not once did the thought “Men Are Trash” cross my mind. Yes, I encountered other abusive men over the past two years, but I have encountered more amazing men who protect women.

Men who stop when you say no. Men who compliment your strengths instead of highlighting your flaws. Men who pray and worship God in humility. Men who advocate for women’s rights and safety. Men who treat women equally. Men who respect women. Men who cry when a woman hurts.

To those men: I see you, I appreciate you and I admire you. You have my respect and I thank you for making this world a better place.

💚 – nd

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