13th Guntur International Poetry Festival

I am honored to have my poem, Weeping World, featured in the 13th Guntur International Poetry Festival in India.

The Guntur International Poetry Festival is hosted by JKC College in India every year. This year the festival had to be held online for the first time due to Covid-19. All seven sessions of the festival can be viewed on YouTube in the playlist below.

This year’s festival focused on the themes of:

  • Plight of migrant laborers
  • Life in the times of Covid-19
  • Bravery of front-line workers during Covid-19
  • Job crisis
  • Hunger deaths
My recital is featured in the first session (time stamp 31:04).

An anthology with all the poems performed at the festival will be published in an e-book. I will make those details available as soon as possible.

Poets United for a Cause

I would like to thank JKC College for recognizing my work and including me in their festival and anthology.

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