Fooling around this weekend, I decided to try my hand at writing rap. It is a work in progress. More so, for fun. Hope you enjoy. 🎶


I may be rough around the edges
At least I’mma real
Too bad you ain’t feelin me
I don’t care, I’m bleedin steel

I ain’t propped up on pills, lies
Or fairytale thrills
I face reality, while you hidin
Under frills

Judge me, trash talk me
Honey, you ain’t walkin me
I buy my own wheels, while
You’re making dirty deals

Back up, gimme me space
Soon I’ll be dressed in lace
While you’re busy paintin on
Another face

Drop your act, I won’t react
I always knew you were a liar
I didn’t buy your hyped up drama
Your faith was screamin: FAKE

– nd

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