Why write poetry?

Due the pandemic, we have globally experienced collective trauma. This adds to the personal traumas we each live with daily. Writing is a cathartic process, allowing us the opportunity to release pent up emotion in a creative and constructive way.

Journaling thoughts and emotions are effective too, and I encourage you to do so, but to shake things up a bit, I invite you to join me in writing poetry.

Poetry is a literary art which challenges us to think deeper and write artistically, thus creating a far more satisfying end product.

Our written work holds a piece of us on paper – we can be proud of it – whether we choose to share it with others or not.

I hope that this workshop provides a platform for you to engage with your thoughts and feelings in a safe space, while enjoying the writing process.

Contact me for enquiries and bookings:

+855 (0) 96 493 0120

đź’š – nd

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