The Lines That Divide

How do we trace the lines
That bring this divide?
How far back do they go
And where do they lead?
Who do we blame
During this free reign?

Zuma? ANC?
Corruption? Coronavirus?
Lockdown? Poverty?
Capitalism? Colonialism?
You? Me?

What does it matter
When at the centre
We are all broken pieces
With broken hopes and dreams
Scattered in the debris

For what is life if lived in fear
When neighbours turn
Against each other
In a race for sustenance
That breeds a life
Devoid of future

Let us remember
This Mandela Month
Those 67 years
Dedicated to human rights

The goal for a united nation
To work together
For peace, dignity, and equality
Forgetting none, including all

Rid crime, rid corruption,
Rid the lines that bring divide.

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