ChatGBT writing a Shakespearean sonnet #poem

My cousin and I were fooling around with ChatGBT, trying to test its “creative” skills and education level. This is what it wrote, when we asked for a Shakespearean sonnet…

“Oh, fairest maiden of my heart’s desire,
Thou art the sun that doth my world ignite,
Thy beauty doth my very soul inspire,
And in thy presence, all my wrongs feel right.

Thine eyes, like stars, do twinkle in the night,
And with thy smile, the sun doth surely rise,
Thy voice, like music, fills my heart with light,
And in thy grace, I find a paradise.

Oh, how I long to hold thee in mine arms,
To feel thy warmth and breathe thy sweet perfume,
To be with thee through life’s enduring harms,
And share with thee a love that doth consume.

So let me swear my heart and soul to thee,
And know that thou art all the world to me.”

I think it’s good but definitely no Shakespeare. It’s too sickly sweet to be Shakespearean.

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