Digesting ‘BEEF’, the Netflix dark comedy series

The ten-episode Netflix comedy-drama, ‘BEEF’, provides a lot of food for thought. There are layers of meaning to unpack, along with elements of symbolism and ambiguity. For those viewers who enjoy analysing characters and decoding meaning, here are some questions to ask yourself after watching the delicious series:

What are the similarities and differences between Amy and Danny? Which one of them is to blame for the outcome at the end of the story?

Why does it bother Danny that George is Japanese? Does this represent socio-economic inequality? If so, how and why?

What is the role of art in the story? From chairs and vases to crowns; why are they included in the story?

Do you think Naomi deliberately closed the panic room door before Jordan could fully enter it? If yes, what motivation might Naomi have had for doing this?

Why do the crows speak at the end of the story? Is this a possible hallucination by Amy or Danny? If so, whose and why?

What do you think Junie’s future will be like? Does she show early childhood signs of psychopathy? If any, what are they?

What is the core message of the story? Is it anger, capitalism, or early childhood trauma that destroys us?

Drop your answers in the comments section below; I would love to hear your thoughts. If you have other interesting questions, please share them too.

Image source: OTTplay

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