Life lessons from ‘Spare’ by Prince Harry: A message about values and mental health

'Spare' by Prince Harry has been a hotly debated autobiography in recent months, and has ruffled quite a few feathers. I could follow the masses and criticise the book for its poor writing, vulgarity, and boyish tone, however, I think the overall message of the book is more important than its few shortcomings. So here's a list of life lessons that we could learn from Prince Harry's experiences, choices and views...

‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!NK – Reflecting the Trauma Bond in Abusive Relationships

While recently listening to the song ‘Just Give Me a Reason’ by P!NK, I noticed a dialogue taking place between two lovers. I suspected it was an example of a trauma bond in an abusive relationship. After watching the video, I was convinced that the song was written about a trauma bond with a charming, yet deceptive, manipulator. Let us look at the video and analyse the lyrics, while bearing in mind the common signs and symptoms of narcissistic abuse.

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