3 Classic Books to Prepare Us for the AI Revolution

At this stage, it seems that not much can be done to stop the AI Revolution from taking place. Let us have a look at the possible scenarios that may play out if AI is given full autonomy, or if regulation fails to control it. Here are three classic books about governance, power, control, and survival, which capture the social issues of concern in today's debates about AI. The fictional scenarios in these books use metaphoric and allegoric forms to convey messages of importance about identity, individuality, the misuse and abuse of power, and the fragility and limitations of humanity.

3 Heartbreaking Reads about Family and Friendship

Sometimes we simply need a book to get us back in touch with humanity. Reading a book that touches the heart, can have a life-changing effect upon us. Stories of pain, tragedy, and hardship remind us that the human spirit is both breakable and incredibly resilient. Here are three novels that settle in your heart, and leave you thinking about the important things in life.

3 Simply Irresistible Book Series

Sometimes we fall in love with the characters in books. When this happens, it is difficult to say goodbye to them at the end of the novel. But if we are lucky, there might be a series where we can read more of their adventures. Here are three entertaining book series with some colourful characters, who will make you laugh, rage, and love.

3 Trustworthy Books about Trauma

Healing from trauma is imperative if one wishes to perform optimally in life, and to enjoy one's existence. On a larger scale, healing means safer and happier communities. With this in mind, I would like to suggest three highly informative books which aid in healing trauma.

3 Sobering Books about South Africa

South Africa currently finds itself in crisis, as decades of corruption, crime, and neglect have created an economic meltdown. To understand the social issues at play behind the economic turmoil, I'd like to recommend three books which provide brief insight into the country's past.

3 Candid Books about Cambodia

As Cambodia tries to regain it's academic footing, support for reading, writing, and publishing is vital for the future of the country. With this in mind, I'd like to share three books that have given me valuable insight into Cambodia's culture, history, and socio-economic position.

3 Insightful Novels Set in India

There are countless books worth reading about India's culture, history, and socio-economic climate. I have narrowed down the list to my top three picks. These novels provide enjoyable  insight into one of the world's most intriguing countries.

13 Tips To Excite Your Child About Reading

Parents could employ creative and innovative ways to help their children transition from computer games and videos to reading. Reading could be turned into a fun and interactive hobby for kids. Technology in itself is not all bad, and can be used as a tool to engage a child’s interest in reading.

READING 101: How to become a reader

If you want to become a reader but feel discouraged, I implore you to give reading another chance. I would like to put forward a perspective, which you may not have thought of before. It might just change your mindset towards reading.

30 Life Lessons to Learn From Jane Eyre

One has to give due appreciation to the author, Charlotte Brontë, for creating this amazing character in a very real and relatable way. It is no easy task to create this many layers of depth within a character. Brontë has indeed created a one-of-a-kind character with Jane Eyre.

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