3 Classic Books to Prepare Us for the AI Revolution

At this stage, it seems that not much can be done to stop the AI Revolution from taking place. Let us have a look at the possible scenarios that may play out if AI is given full autonomy, or if regulation fails to control it. Here are three classic books about governance, power, control, and survival, which capture the social issues of concern in today's debates about AI. The fictional scenarios in these books use metaphoric and allegoric forms to convey messages of importance about identity, individuality, the misuse and abuse of power, and the fragility and limitations of humanity.

My Khmer New Year 2023 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

After a quiet, cool dinner and stroll around Toul Kork, I was BORED! It wasn't enough. So I decided to take a night ride into the city to photograph the beautiful KNY lights and decorations at Wat Phnom. Toul Kork was so quiet that I expected the wat to be quiet after 9 pm too. But I was wrong….Mayhem!

Resisting patriarchy in Africa: Desire and agency in ‘Woman at Point Zero’ and ‘Under the Udala Trees’  

Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi and Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta are two very different African novels, yet both bring attention to gender-based oppression and patriarchy in Africa. In both novels, there are several female characters who cope with patriarchy in different ways. Some women submit to the system, while others resist it. There are also women who manipulate the system to their advantage, while other women outrightly oppose it. In this essay, I will focus on an exploration of the main female protagonists, and how they resist the different types of patriarchy challenging them.

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